Easter update!

Noot noot!

I hope your Easter has been great, everyone!
And if you don’t celebrate Easter, I hope your week has been fantastic!

I was gone on holiday, and at the second largest LAN party in the world, which is held in Vikingskipet(The Viking ship) in Hamar, Norway – every year during Easter. It’s called “The Gathering”! There’s about 5000-5500 people going every single year!


I have been a TG-goer quite a few times now, my first time being in 2006. It’s great fun, there’s people of all ages there, and I’ve been able to see it evolve and change over the years- which is also pretty cool.

Back in 2006, and a few of the times that I went after that, there were no cosplay or anything, but now there’s a cosplay contest every year, and it’s also getting bigger and wilder every year.

There’s been a computer case/tower contest each year since I’ve gone aswell. Who has the coolest looking tower of all the 5000+ people going? So far I’ve seen a Bender and a Leela(both from Futurama), completely functioning, with webcameras and everything.
Honestly, those are the two I remember the best out of all the cool computer I’ve seen at The Gathering, and they’re the first two winning towers(both made by the same guy too).

There’s a lot of creative contests, such as music contests, drawing contests(digitally, usually photoshop and the likes, although there’s also usually some drawing contests involving only MS Paint).

There’s a lot of smaller contests on stage and off stage, where you have to do all kinds of things.

There’s a big opening show, ranging from concerts(whether it’s an actual artist/band or an orchestra playing a big medley from big games) to fakir shows to hypnosis shows.

It lasts for 5 days, a lot of people lose their voice after trying to call for a guy called “Arne”(it’s a lot of different stories as to how this Arne shouting started, I’m not going to go into it – if you go to the Gathering, it’s a tradition, just shout it at least once).

I did play ACNL while I was there too, because you know.., you’ve got to take care of the needs of your villagers.

It’s going well in Paradise so far, although Flora wanted to move the other day. I told her no, and she realised what’s best for her, haha!


I also bought two plushies for Mini-Noot – A squid and an Enderman from Minecraft, because he looooooves Minecraft right now.
I bought a Funko Pop figure for myself – Cthulhu himself. He’ll totally fit in between my other figures(Arthas, Winston and two Sailor Moon figures haha).
MyLittleDojo got himself two books, a Goku Funko Pop and a Deadpool shirt which is all about tacos – sort of an inside joke, because he’s been REALLY into tacos this year and I’m tired of the tacos.




Anyway, I’m glad I’m back home, sleeping in my own bed has been absolutely fantastic and now I can go back to streaming and hanging out with you guys!

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Celebration stream for 250followers/6months of streaming

cropped-wowscrnshot_033017_1237031.jpgThanks for hanging out with me yesterday!

We celebrated reaching 250 followers and 6 months since I first streamed(first stream was on September 27th 2016!). I had a lot of fun and I hope you did too!

The stream wasn’t very long, but we finally started RV visits and you guys have finally been able to come visit Paradise! That’s pretty exciting, don’t you think?

I’ve sent messages to the five lucky winners who won the giveaway yesterday, so I’m looking forward to getting replies from all of them, so I can get them the prizes they’ve won!


Our next goal is at 500 followers, and I’m working on putting together a nice giveaway for that too!

Again, thanks so much for hanging out during stream and for sticking around. I appreciate each and every one of you! ❤


My Amiibo’s and Amiibo Cards

Here’s a list of my Amiibo’s and Amiibo cards for Animal Crossing!



Isabelle summer version
Isabelle winter version

K.K. Slider

Amiibo Cards:

Series 1
001 Isabelle
002 Tom Nook
003 DJ KK

004 Sable
005 Kapp’n

006 Resetti
007 Joan
008 Timmy

010 Pascal
008 Timmy

010 Pascal
011 Harriet
012 Redd

013 Saharad
014 Luna
015 Tortimer
016 Lyle

017 Lottie
018 Bob
019 Fauna

020 Curt
021 Portia
022 Leonardo
023 Cheri
024 Kyle
025 Al

026 Renée
028 Jambette
029 Rasher
030 Tiffany

031 Sheldon
032 Bluebear
033 Bill

034 Kiki
035 Deli

036 Alli
037 Kabuki
038 Patty
039 Jitters
040 Gigi
041 Quillson

042 Marcie
043 Puck
044 Shari
045 Octavian
046 Winnie

047 Knox
048 Sterling
049 Bonbon

050 Punchy
051 Opal
053 Limberg
054 Deena
056 Bangle
057 Phil

058 Monique
060 Samson
061 Tutu
062 T-Bone
063 Mint

064 Pudge
065 Midge
068 Clyde
069 Bella

070 Biff
071 Yuka
072 Lionel
073 Flo
074 Cobb(Japanese)

075 Amelia
076 Jeremiah
077 Cherry
078 Roscoe
079 Truffles
080 Eugene
081 Eunice
082 Goose

083 Annalisa
084 Benjamin
085 Pancetti
086 Chief
087 Bunnie
088 Clay
089 Diana
090 Axel
091 Muffy
092 Henry

093 Bertha
094 Cyrano
096 Cole

097 Willow
098 Roald
099 Molly

100 Walker

Series 2 (Missing most of series 2!)
125 Gwen
133 Savannah
138 Sly
142 Peck

143 Olivia
148 Whitney

166 Kitty
176 Sprinkle
190 Vesta
194 Gladys
196 Freya

Series 3
205 Phyllis
206 Pete

208 Leif
210 Cyrus
214 Don
215 Isabelle

218 Lily
219 Anchovy
223 Del
226 Mitzi
231 Elvis

233 Colton
235 Spork/Crackle
237 Bam
238 Friga

246 Eloise
249 Beardo
251 Chester
254 Greta
261 Tucker

262 Blanche
271 Curlos
274 Flora
280 Victoria
283 Frank
289 Boomer

291 Sparro
294 Maple
295 Antonio
296 Soleil
297 Apollo

299 Francine
300 Chrissy

Series 4
301 Isabelle
302 Brewster
305 Celeste
307 Gracie
318 Stitches
319 Pinky

321 Mallary
323 Katt
324 Graham
327 Penelope
336 Pierce
338 Fang
339 Frita
340 Tex
342 Bones
343 Anabelle
344 Rudy
350 Elmer
351 Puddles
355 Mira

357 Aurora
358 Papi
359 Apple

361 Purrl
363 Celia
364 Zucker

367 Annalise
370 Jacques
374 Tank
382 Lobo
386 Rosie

390 O’Hare
392 Cranston
396 Simon

397 Iggly
399 Twiggy
400 Robin

RV Cards
02 Hopkins
03 June

04 Piper
05 Paolo
06 Hornsby
08 Tybalt
09 Huck

10 Sylvana
11 Boris

12 Wade
13 Carrie

14 Ketchup
15 Rex
16 Stu
17 Ursala
18 Jacob

19 Maddie
22 Bitty
21 Boyd
23 Maggie
25 Plucky

26 Sandy
27 Claude

29 Julia
30 Louie

31 Bea
32 Admiral

33 Ellie
34 Boots

36 Candi
37 Leopold
38 Spike

40 Tad
41 Norma

42 Gonzo
43 Sprocket

45 Olive
46 Dobie
47 Buzz
48 Cleo
49 Ike
50 Tasha

Sanrio Cards:  **BRAND NEW**

S1 Rilla
S2 Marty
S3 Étoile
S4 Chai
S5 Chelsea
S6 Toby

Other Amiibo figures that are usable in Animal Crossing

All of the Legend of Zelda amiibos
Monster Hunter Navirou


I’ve made this list mainly for my Stream viewers, so that when I do multiplayer stuff, you guys can see what cards and/or figures I have, and can pick someone I should scan.

I’ll keep updating this as I get more amiibo figures and cards!


April 17th 2017
May 1st 2017
June 8th 2017
June 12th 2017
June 21st 2017
July 22nd 2017
August 5th 2017
August 17th 2017