Miku stream and updates!

I streamed Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX for the first time the other day, or at least the first time with actual viewers haha. I had so much fun!
You guys requested a whole lot of great songs, and I had fun practicing my Miku skills(I failed pretty bad on several songs, but I had fun still!).

I definitely want to stream more Miku and chat and listen to great music with you guys, so it’s a game that’s going to go on my stream list for sure.

Also, some updates on the stream itself;

The Dojo has got a new job(totally HYPUUUU!), so he’s not going to be able to stream during daytime, which opens up more time to stream for me – so from now on I’ll most likely do more daytime streams, but seeing as it is in the middle of the night for a lot of you, I still want to stream during evenings too – I just won’t be able to stream every night, because Dojo will be wanting to stream after he’s done at work. Right at this moment, I’m not entirely sure what’ll happen, but I’ll keep you guys updated!

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