Twitch affiliate, what!?

So it’s been a few hours now since I found out I’ve got an invite to the Twitch Affiliate program.

My first reactions were;
“what is this?”, “oh. my. gosh.”, “wait what?”, “OH MY GOSH, OH MY GOSH, OH MY GOSH”, “wait is this real? What is my life?”, and then when it dawned on me, there were lots of happy tears.
Now I’m feeling slightly numb, really happy, and happy tears are on the roll every once in a while.

I’m sure there’ll be people who will say that it’s just bits etc, but it’s so much more for me.
It’s giving me the feeling I achieved something, I’ve done this thing, but at the same time, I honestly didn’t do anything. I’ve only sat here in my house, playing games I love.

This is all your doing, everyone. You’re the ones who got the twitch affiliate for the stream, by coming to the stream, hanging out, chatting, lurking. I love each and every one of you, it doesn’t matter if you chat or not.

Thank you so much everyone for making this a thing. I guess we definitely need to get to working on that emoji we’ll be able to get eventually! So much hype! HYPU!

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