A true nightmare

A couple of days ago, one of my worst nightmares came true.

Most of you know by now that I have a couple towns. 13 to be exact(I even have a 14th copy!). Right now however, I don’t even have half of that anymore.

I was going on ACNL a couple days ago, like usual, to check up on all my towns, as I normally do. You know, to see if Katrina’s in any of my towns, if Gracie is there, to check up on all the shops, talking to villagers.., the usual.

I figured I’d check up on my stream towns first, because they’re the ones that are the quickest to go through. I do most of the town work and chores in my stream towns.., well, on stream.

When I started the game and was about to enter my town however, I was told the game data had corrupted and that in order to play the game, the corrupted data would be deleted. So I quit the game, and went on google to check out my problem. There were several solutions as to what I could do in order to get my town back, but nothing has worked so far.

I figured, okay, maybe if I try it on one of my other 3dses, but it was the same on 3 out of 4 of my 3dses. So I started panicking a little. Then I decided to check up on my other towns, because I still had 12 to go through. The first few I went through were fine, nothing happened, but then I went through more stream towns, and some of the offline towns that I’ve worked the most on, and they’ve all corrupted.

Now, I’m not about to say there’s something wrong with the cartridges, because I wouldn’t know where to start looking for a flaw on them, because I’ve treated all my cartridges  the same. Not to mention, you’d think the oldest cartridges would be the first to corrupt, but most of my oldest towns are perfectly fine. All the towns I have a Welcome Amiibo cartridge for, are all corrupt.

Except Paradise. I still have Paradise(which most of you know is a stream town).

I’ve lost my other 3 stream towns(Noots, Meow and Calm – the last being the one we’ve been working on over the last ACNL streams).


This has got me feeling very depressed and down, which is why I haven’t streamed a lot the last few days. I am going to continue with the game, because I love ACNL to bits.
It just sucks that this has happened. I’m not even sure how many bells I’ve lost now, or how many hours of gameplay I’ve lost(I can promise you it’s a LOT).

I still have a few towns who are pretty much maxed out on bells, and I still have several golden tool sets, some bushes, clovers etc, but.., I don’t know, I’m just feeling depressed.

All I can say now is be careful with your games, if there’s a way Nintendo could let us save our towns somehow, that would be great, because the only ways I could think of now, is by cheats and hacks, and that’s simply something I don’t intend on doing.


Long rant post again, hah. Love your faces, see you on stream again soon!

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