My music, oct.16-22, 2017

Second week of music recommendations? Yay for consistency! I guess I should say that in 3 weeks haha.

My list hasn’t actually changed this week, but I didn’t list all the songs I listened to last week, because I feel like 5 songs a week, is a nice amount of songs I can recommend, without it being overpowering everyone. I’m just going to jump into it though, instead of going on with random stuff! Here we go~

  1. NIVIRO – The Ghost
    This was a really random find, but I’m happy I found it. I was watching youtube videos, slowly but surely delving deeper into random videos, and this popped up.
    It’s been playing a lot while I’ve been out driving!
  2. Dua Lipa – New Rules
    The first time I heard this, I didn’t actually care much for the song. I liked the MV more, because it was kind of fascinating at the time? I liked the way it was filmed.
    After listening to it a couple more times, it’s definitely grown on me, and I’ve honestly listened to it several weeks now haha.
  3. AronChupa – Llama in My Living Room
    How do I describe this? Someone tells their story of having a llama in their living room? It has a really fun tune though, I like it a lot, and I always sing along with it!

  4. 청하(Chung Ha) – Why don’t you know?
    This is one of my summer songs of 2017, although it was released really late summer. I only knew Chungha was a great dancer, but I didn’t really know she had such a nice voice. I’ve listened to this sooooo much, I don’t think I should count the times I’ve listened to it haha. And all the times I’ve sung along when I’ve been out driving.
  5. Pitbull, J Balvin, Camila Cabello – Hey Ma(Spanish version)
    Not going to lie, I don’t like the english version of this song. It feels kind of tame? I really enjoy the japanese version, it makes me feel really happy, I love singing along to it, I love having it play while I’m out driving, because I’m TOTALLY feeling the Fast&Furious vibe with it haha.

    That’s it for this week’s list. I wanted it to be a bit more diverse compared to last week, where I mostly posted calm, relaxing songs. It’s kind of a way for me to show you more genres I listen to, because I like to think I can listen to a lot of different genres(although I struggle with jazz and blues!). Can’t wait to post more songs next week!

Personal · stream

First year of being a Twitch streamer

I’ve been wanting to write a post about my first year of being a Twitch streamer, because I love reading about other peoples experiences, and I would totally like to be able to go back to this post in a year, maybe even in 5 years, and be able to see if things has changed or if something new has happened.



When did I start streaming? September 27th 2016.

What did I play? Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

I had been wanting to stream for a long time, honestly, but I never had the courage to do so, because it seemed so stressful and it made me feel nervous about it.

I wanted to stream 3ds games, because that’s the console I used the most. So I saved up for quite a long time to be able to order a Katsukity capture card + a 3ds.
It arrived pretty fast, so I could start streaming a whole lot faster than I thought I would.

Mario helped me put together a “decent” looking layout, which was very nice of him.

I didn’t stream as much as I wanted to in 2016, but I started streaming more again in January 2017 and you guys were so supportive and caring and helpful, so it was easier to stream, I felt less nervous about being gone for a while.



During my earlier streams, there were several other streamers hosting me.
People I didn’t know at the time, so I was really surprised, because why would someone who doesn’t know me, host me all of a sudden?

I’m really happy they did though, because that got me several other streamers and viewers that I consider some of my better friends now.

It also made me look into other Animal Crossing streamers and start to host other people myself.

I didn’t host anyone at the start of my Twitch “career”, because I felt it would be weird having a total stranger, a totally new name and face host you all of a sudden.
Now I realise it’s one way of expanding your network, getting new friends, taking chances. It’s part of Twitch, basically.

The streamers who hosted me way back in September/October last year are people I still support, streamers I enjoy hanging out with every time they’re streaming and also chat with off stream(although I’m trying to get better at that last part, because guuuuuurrlll, you need to work on being social!).
They also motivate me a lot, because seeing them stream regularly, doing fun stuff with their community(which I’m so lucky to be a part of!), and work hard on their stream, makes me want to work equally as hard with my own stream.

Earlier this year, I compared my numbers to their numbers a lot, which demotivated me at the time, because their numbers were higher than mine. It was pretty silly, honestly, because I didn’t work as hard, or had a proper schedule like they did.
Now I compare my stream stats to the goals I have for my stream. It’s less stressful, and it makes me think of how I can improve to get better stats and if I hit a stream goal of mine, I think of what I can add as a new goal.


I had big expectations and goals when I thought of starting to stream, but before I started, I decided to set “small” goals for myself. I’m using “‘s, because those goals were big for me.

I wanted to have 100 followers after a year of streaming, and 5 regular viewers.

Doesn’t sound like it would be so impossible, right? There’s several streamers who struggle to hit those goals after streaming for a whole lot longer than me.

I can proudly say I’ve definitely managed to have both goals happen.
There’s over 500 of you guys following my stream, and I have a lot of people come back and say hi from time to time, and a lot of people who stick in my channel every stream.

I feel really honored, lucky and loved because of you guys.

I was hoping I’d get to meet a lot of new people when I started streaming, but I didn’t know what I was getting myself into.
I didn’t know I’d feel loved by people all over the world, I didn’t know I’d meet people on Twitch that I, today, don’t think I could be without, because of the immense support you guys give me.


After a year, I’ve seen changes with myself;

I have a way better layout now than I did a year ago.
I taught myself how to use Photoshop to make a layout, because I figured the only one who will really, truly understand what I want as a layout, is me.

I’ve learned to play games the way I want to play them, and I know that sounds really silly, but stuff like a lot of other streamers do in ACNL, I don’t feel comfortable doing.
I’m not a big multiplayer person, I prefer doing things on my own, but I still enjoy doing some sort of multiplayer at times. For example visiting dream addresses, giving people things in ACNL etc, where I can go to YOUR town and drop things of, and then quit is great.

I’ve kind of gotten to know myself a little better after streaming for a year.
I’ve set goals for myself, I have dreams I want to achieve, I have something I really want to work for.

Twitch makes me incredibly happy, it also makes me feel humbled, because I can stream and have fantastic people hang out with me and enjoy my content.


Thank you all for sticking with me during my first year on Twitch.
Here’s to more years to come, where we can expand our Land of Noots, community and stream!


nintendo · stream

Dat Yoshi doe!

So as some of you have already noticed, I have a new icon! Pretty much everywhere by now.


Here’s my pretty new Yoshi that you’ll be seeing a whole lot more over time.

I’m planning on having this as a mascot on stream, and over time, I’ll be trying to get more artwork of him.

I don’t have a proper name for him yet, but I’m sure we can get him a good name together, right?


My music, Oct.9-15, 2017

I’ve been talking a lot about wanting to make the website a little more personal, instead of just updates on this and that, I’d like to write something that will maybe make you guys able to know me a little better?

I want to start writing posts where I tell you about recent songs I’m obsessed with. Knowing myself though, there’ll be several songs that will be repeated week after week, but I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s okay. Sometimes I’ll listen to 2-3 of  the same songs every single week, mixed in with a little new music. It’s pretty normal, I think.

Anyway, instead of rambling on, I’ll get started!

Here’s songs I’ve been really addicted to this past week!



  1. BTS – DNA
    I’ve been really enjoying 방탄소년단(BTS)’s new album, but I didn’t want to put several songs from the same album in this list, so I just listed the title song, DNA.
    The only tracks from the newest album, Love Yourself 承 ‘Her’, are the skit and the outro tracks. Other than that, I’ve been really enjoying all the songs on the album.
  2. Kehlani – Alive (ft. Coucheron)
    This is a pretty recent find for me, as in, I found it right before the weekend, and I’ve been obsessed ever since. I enjoy the vibe this gives, because it makes me want to just snuggle up in my blanket and enjoy the autumn weather. The lyrics is more about love and all, but it’s not really what made me addicted to the song. I like that it’s really chill, that’s pretty much it haha.
  3. Birdy – Ghost in the Wind
    Another find right before the weekend, I’ve been listening to this every night before I’ve gone to sleep, and it’s calmed me down sooo much. It’s kind of a quiet song, but it builds up at the end.
  4. Kygo – Stargazing(ft. Justin Jesso)
    I haven’t really listened to a whole lot of songs from Kygo, but the few I have listened to, I’ve been really enjoying. Lately it’s ‘Stargazing’, it makes me want to sing along and daydream(which I do quite a lot haha, woops).
  5. Martin Garrix & Troye Sivan – There for you
    Honestly, this entire list, except for BTS, was finds from last week. I’ve been obsessed and played them soooo much. This one also gives me a chill vibe.

    So there’s a list of a couple of songs I’ve been listening to the last week!
    It’s been a very calm, chill vibe honestly, except for some of the songs in the newest album from BTS, but I’ve been really enjoying just chilling and relaxing with the autumn weather outside.

    I’m going to try and keep this up, and update it each week, so stay tuned!

Personal · stream

Stream plans

I haven’t streamed a whole lot the last two(three?) weeks. I’m sorry for that, I’ve not really been feeling like playing much after I lost most of my ACNL towns, you know?

I know it’s just a game, but it’s a game I’ve invested quite a lot of time in.

I still have some towns left with lots and lots of bells, almost a complete catalogue and enough flowers to breed + landscaping items in general. It’s just that I feel really down for having lost towns I’ve worked really hard on?

Anyway, I’m going to cut down on ACNL streams, because I need time to “recover” from it. I still want to stream ACNL and work on towns, such as the Halloween town of 4, that I made on stream the other day, and Paradise, our bird town!

I’m going to stream other games more though, such as Stardew Valley, Stepmania and probably some more console games(PS4, PS3, WiiU, Wii, Switch etc!).

Me and Mario have also agreed on some set days for each of us;

I stream on mondays and wednesdays, he streams on tuesdays and thursdays, and we share fridays and sundays. Saturday is our off day, but we might stream on saturdays every now and then.
I won’t know if I’m streaming on a friday or sunday until it’s that actual day, but I’ll let you know on discord if I do stream, so make sure to join the Nootcord!

I’ve also decided to get rid of my current bot, and use Moobot instead. It’s probably just a paranoid thing of me, but I rarely log on to my bot’s twitch account, so I’d rather just get rid of it, rather than one day logging on and it being hacked.

Doing some minor changes to the stream now, to try and make it something that I’m really, truly happy about. I’ve been in a slump, and I’ve not known what to do with it, so I’ve stuck with some things, etc, but I want to change it.

I’m hoping you guys will like the changes, both small and large, and help me make our community the best it can be.