Stream plans

I haven’t streamed a whole lot the last two(three?) weeks. I’m sorry for that, I’ve not really been feeling like playing much after I lost most of my ACNL towns, you know?

I know it’s just a game, but it’s a game I’ve invested quite a lot of time in.

I still have some towns left with lots and lots of bells, almost a complete catalogue and enough flowers to breed + landscaping items in general. It’s just that I feel really down for having lost towns I’ve worked really hard on?

Anyway, I’m going to cut down on ACNL streams, because I need time to “recover” from it. I still want to stream ACNL and work on towns, such as the Halloween town of 4, that I made on stream the other day, and Paradise, our bird town!

I’m going to stream other games more though, such as Stardew Valley, Stepmania and probably some more console games(PS4, PS3, WiiU, Wii, Switch etc!).

Me and Mario have also agreed on some set days for each of us;

I stream on mondays and wednesdays, he streams on tuesdays and thursdays, and we share fridays and sundays. Saturday is our off day, but we might stream on saturdays every now and then.
I won’t know if I’m streaming on a friday or sunday until it’s that actual day, but I’ll let you know on discord if I do stream, so make sure to join the Nootcord!

I’ve also decided to get rid of my current bot, and use Moobot instead. It’s probably just a paranoid thing of me, but I rarely log on to my bot’s twitch account, so I’d rather just get rid of it, rather than one day logging on and it being hacked.

Doing some minor changes to the stream now, to try and make it something that I’m really, truly happy about. I’ve been in a slump, and I’ve not known what to do with it, so I’ve stuck with some things, etc, but I want to change it.

I’m hoping you guys will like the changes, both small and large, and help me make our community the best it can be. 


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