My music, oct.16-22, 2017

Second week of music recommendations? Yay for consistency! I guess I should say that in 3 weeks haha.

My list hasn’t actually changed this week, but I didn’t list all the songs I listened to last week, because I feel like 5 songs a week, is a nice amount of songs I can recommend, without it being overpowering everyone. I’m just going to jump into it though, instead of going on with random stuff! Here we go~

  1. NIVIRO – The Ghost
    This was a really random find, but I’m happy I found it. I was watching youtube videos, slowly but surely delving deeper into random videos, and this popped up.
    It’s been playing a lot while I’ve been out driving!
  2. Dua Lipa – New Rules
    The first time I heard this, I didn’t actually care much for the song. I liked the MV more, because it was kind of fascinating at the time? I liked the way it was filmed.
    After listening to it a couple more times, it’s definitely grown on me, and I’ve honestly listened to it several weeks now haha.
  3. AronChupa – Llama in My Living Room
    How do I describe this? Someone tells their story of having a llama in their living room? It has a really fun tune though, I like it a lot, and I always sing along with it!

  4. 청하(Chung Ha) – Why don’t you know?
    This is one of my summer songs of 2017, although it was released really late summer. I only knew Chungha was a great dancer, but I didn’t really know she had such a nice voice. I’ve listened to this sooooo much, I don’t think I should count the times I’ve listened to it haha. And all the times I’ve sung along when I’ve been out driving.
  5. Pitbull, J Balvin, Camila Cabello – Hey Ma(Spanish version)
    Not going to lie, I don’t like the english version of this song. It feels kind of tame? I really enjoy the japanese version, it makes me feel really happy, I love singing along to it, I love having it play while I’m out driving, because I’m TOTALLY feeling the Fast&Furious vibe with it haha.

    That’s it for this week’s list. I wanted it to be a bit more diverse compared to last week, where I mostly posted calm, relaxing songs. It’s kind of a way for me to show you more genres I listen to, because I like to think I can listen to a lot of different genres(although I struggle with jazz and blues!). Can’t wait to post more songs next week!

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