My music, nov.6-11, 2017

Another week has gone by, and it’s gone soooo fast!
I’ve been streaming a LOT this week, which has been great, but I haven’t really heard much different music honestly. Here’s a list anywhoooo;


1. BTS – Go Go
I still love BTS’ new album, and I’m working on learning the choreography for Go Go, so it’s played a LOT this week!

2. Twice – Likey
Second week I have this in my list, I’m just really liking it. It’s super catchy and it makes you happy.

3. Astro – Crazy Sexy Cool
I’ll be honest, I don’t think this is the best song out there. There’s a lot of other songs that are WAY better, but this has been really chill and it’s played a lot while I’ve been working on other stuff.

4. Super Junior – Black Suit
Super Junior’s new song is awesome, I’m totally hooked! I think it’s probably one of the better songs they have, honestly!

5. Vexento – Pixel Party
I have this in my Gamer list on Spotify, but I haven’t listened to the playlist for a long time, but earlier in the week, this one was the first to play, and I was hooked again. It’s such a fun song, and a lot more upbeat and “noisy” compared to other songs I tend to listen to nowadays!


I’m looking forward to another week of music, and I hope you are too!
Also, I realised this week is completely full of Kpop songs haha, oops!

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