My music, nov.12-19th, 2017

This week has gone by really fast, I can barely remember what happened.
I know I’ve been streaming every day this week, which is super exciting! Being a daily streamer is hard, but it’s so much fun still!

Anyway, here’s some of the music I’ve listened to off stream this past week;


1 C.Jamm, Reddy – Most Wanted
I randomly found this again in one of my playlists, and now all I can think of is
vegetable soup, because in the start, it kind of sounds like they’re saying vegetable
soup, haha!

2 Camila Cabello – Havana(remix, ft. Daddy Yankee)
THIS MELODY THOUGH! I love spanish songs, and this is awesome.
I prefer the remix version over the original version personally!

3 Jason Derulo – Pull-Up
I typically don’t really listen to the lyrics in Jason Derulo’s songs, but I really enjoy the
rhythm and melodies, and this one is super fun!

4 Dillon Francis, DJ Snake – Get Low
This is one of the songs in the Fast&Furious 7 soundtrack and I love it.
I’m a big fan of the F&F movies and also the soundtracks. They have a way of finding
the perfect songs for the movies, plus the songs always makes me want to dance haha.

5 BTS – Cypher 4
I like most of BTS’ songs, as you’ve probably noticed by now haha.
I enjoy listening to their cyphers, hearing the rappers improve, and I think each and
every cypher is getting better and better!


This week’s songs aren’t as calm as some from the previous weeks, but I hope you’re all okay with that. I do enjoy a lot of different types of music, so I’m having fun sharing it with you all!

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