My music, nov.27-dec.3, 2017

Merry Christmas! Now that December has started, I think it’s totally allowed to say that.

Anyway, here’s a list of 5 songs I’ve listened to the last week(I’m sorry it’s mostly repeats from previous weeks, I haven’t explored new music really!);


1. BTS – dimple
I don’t know how many times I’ve played this song. It’s on my Autumn chill list, it’s in my most played playlist, it’s.., well, I love it. It’s only the vocalists in BTS singing this.


2. Röyksopp – Poor Leno
This song reminds me of the days I played SSX tons and tons.., I love Röyksopp’s older music, but this is the only one in my current playlist, and it has played a lot this past week.


3. Red Velvet – Peek-A-Boo
I am simply in love with melody in this. Plus the dance looks super fun, so I’ll probably end up learning most of it, haha.


4. Camila Cabello, Daddy Yankee – Havana(Remix)
Still loving this too. I don’t know what else to say, haha. It’s fun to jam to, it’s sexy, it’s great.


5. Linkin Park – One Step Closer
I have a list on spotify called Nostalgia, in which most of the music I listened to when I was a teen is located. I figured I’d listen to the list earlier this week and this song got stuck. One of my sisters used to call it her “angry song”, which has totally stuck to me, but personally I never used it as an angry song myself. I just really liked, and still do, Linkin Park.


Even though there was barely anything new on the list this week, I hope you enjoy the songs!

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