My music, dec.4-10, 2017

So this week’s list has some changes, although it’s mostly “old” songs that I used to listen to a whole lot before, that I checked again. I’ve been sleeping a whole lot this past week, because I’ve been sick(still not at 100%, but feeling a lot better now), and I’ve been completely drained because of the sickness.
Anyway, here’s the list!


1. Fake Static Noise – Fall (Feat. Laurie Webb)
I’m going to start this week’s list of with a calm song, because this is probably the most calm song I’ve listened to this past week. This is the song that made me get the game Journey, and I’m so happy I did. The game is amazing, just like this song.

2. Billy Talent – Red Flag
I used to listen to this sooooo much during my early teen years. I still really enjoy it though haha! It also played a lot when I played SSX On Tour,  since it’s one of the OST tracks in the game!

3. Linkin Park – Faint
Another one of my favourites from Linkin Park, and I’ve listened to a whole lot of Linkin Park this past week, so I had to add another song from them!

4. Marilyn Manson – mOBSCENE
I was a biiiiiiiiiiiiiig fan of Marilyn Manson when I was younger. I still am, but not as hardcore anymore. I tend to go back to listening to his music a whole lot from time to time.

5. Sum 41 – Over My Head
I didn’t really listen to that many of Sum 41’s songs when I was younger, but this one was in my playlists ALL the time. Me and my past bestfriend would sing it aaaaaall the time at school haha.


This week has a bit heavier music, but it’s a little glimpse into my childhood and teenage years haha. I still do go back to a lot of the music I listened to back then from time to time, because of the memories, but also because I still really enjoy the music.

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