My music – 2017 favourites

I’ve enjoyed writing music posts every week, so I thought why not write a post about some of my absolute favourite songs this year?
I think this post’s title already speaks for itself, so let’s just jump right into the list!
This post has 20 songs, because I couldn’t just write 5 songs that would sum up my entire year of music.
This list is NOT written in the order of biggest favourite to least favourite!


1. Pitbull, Camila Cabello & J Balvin – Hey Ma(Spanish Version)
I have no idea how many times this song has played this last year, but it’s been a LOT.
I get in such a good mood listening to it, I want to dance, I want to sing, but I also kind of really want to watch Fast&Furious again, haha.
2. Twenty One Pilots – Heathens
I mean, who didn’t listen to this when Suicide Squad was released? I think this is one of the songs that has played the most when I’ve been driving around.

3.  BTS – Blood, Sweat & Tears
Having to narrow down BTS songs this year has been difficult. They’re easily the number 1 artist/group I’ve listened to this year, without a doubt. This song has been in my lists almost all year, so I figured it had to be in this list.

4. Babymetal – Karate
I like a lot of Babymetal’s songs, they’re so much fun to listen to, but I think this has been my favourite song from them this year.

5. Madeon & Porter Robinson – Shelter
I love this song, I love the MV, but it’s so sad I want to cry every time I see it? Haha, it’s so conflicting, but I love it nonetheless.

6. Freddy Kalas – God Sommer
I had to add a Norwegian song to the list, because this artist was at The Gathering this year and I got hooked on a couple of his songs. They’ve been played a lot in the car.

7. WINNER – Island
Winner has been great this year, their songs have gotten way better than before, which is probably why they’re also at the very top of the list of artists/groups I’ve listened to this year.

8. Kygo & Justin Jesso – Stargazing
This was a new find for me this autumn, but it’s played so much I wanted to add it to the list. It’s a pretty song, with a lot of great elements and the vocals are great.

9. Ylvis – Language of Love
Considering how much this has played this year, I HAD to add it. It’s played when I’ve worked on stream stuff, when I’ve been in the car, when I’ve been in the shower, when I’ve made food.., literally everywhere. It’s super funny, weird, but I love it.

10. Jay Park – Me Like Yuh(ft. Hoody)
Jay Park has some great songs, I love dancing along to them and singing along(at least the few parts I remember haha!). I really wanted to add one of his songs, but I struggled quite a bit, because he’s got so many awesome songs.

11. Tobu – Desert Voices
Earlier this year I found this gem of a song, which introduced me to a whole lot of great songs from Tobu. I’m super happy I found it, because there’s some great songs there!

12. NIVIRO – The Ghost
This is a pretty darker song compared to a lot of the previous ones on this list, but it fits me pretty well still. I always used to listen to heavy music, or darker music. I found this by accident while on youtube and BOY am I happy I did!

13. Billy Talent – Red Flag
I couldn’t write this list and NOT put this song here. It’s been playing quite a lot this year, although not for very long at a time, mostly because I’ve forgotten about if for a couple of weeks and then I’ve played it nonstop.

14. Linkin Park – Don’t Stay
You’d think I’d be putting my favourite song from an artist in the list, right? Well, apparently that’s not the case with Linkin Park. My favourite from them is “Somewhere I belong”, but this song has played a whole lot more than my actual favourite. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m a huge LP fan and I listen to almost all their songs as it is, this one has just played a bit more than the rest this year.

15. P!nk – What About Us
I always liked P!nk’s music, but her latest songs have been UH-MAZING. Very full of emotion, but still amazing beats that makes you want to dance!

16. Marilyn Manson – The Fight Song
I actually wanted to put “The Bright Young Things” here, but I realised I actually listened more to Fight song, so I decided to put this here instead. I enjoy Marilyn Manson’s music a lot and have been a fan of his music for a while.

17. Red Velvet – Peek-A-Boo
I’ve been enjoying this song pretty much since it was released. Although I have several kpop girl group songs in my playlist, I usually skip them more than I listen to them, but this one has been playing every time it’s started.

18. BTS – Go Go
So when I thought I’d only put one song from an artist/group on this list, I was obviously lying. I couldn’t not add this to the list(although I basically wanted to add ALL of BTS’s songs haha). It’s so much fun!

19. Jason Derulo – Pull Up
It was between “Pull Up” and “Get Ugly”, but I decided with Pull Up, because the melody is super fun. SKRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

20. Kim Chung Ha – Why Don’t You Know(ft. Nucksal)
Another great song to dance and sing along to. Even though this wasn’t actually released during summer, it’s probably one of my top summer songs this year.
I didn’t realise Chungha’s voice was this great until she released this song.
Plus she looks great in the MV AND she’s an amazing dancer.


So there you have it, my top 20 songs from this year!

Although there’s a whole lot of artists and songs I’d like to put in the list, I didn’t want to go overboard and write 100 songs(because let’s face it, that wouldn’t be enough either).

I look forward to writing more music posts this coming year and I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy writing them!

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