Amiibo card collection update!

It’s been a while…

I haven’t known what to write and because of that, I’ve not written anything. It’s not a good solution, I know. So I’m writing this!


So I’ve been actively collecting Amiibo cards for Animal Crossing for a little over a year now.
They don’t sell amiibo cards in any shops nearby and I think there’s only one shop who has had amiibo cards in their online shop.., about one time. Ages ago.
So all my cards have had to be bought from other countries.

Me and Mario were lucky to find several packs when we went to Belgium last year to visit his parents, and the packs were pretty cheap.

Over the last month I’ve been able to get my hand on a LOT of new cards, thanks to friends and mutuals. THANK YOU EVERYONE SO MUCH!

I’m now less than 40 cards away from finishing my entire collection(That’s 461 cards!), and I’m so excited!

I also have several duplicate cards now, so I’m trying to trade them for the cards I’m missing, but I have many more duplicate cards than the cards I’m missing, so I’ve got some ideas for giveaways in the future.

I have a list of amiibo cards I have here on my website, so feel free to check that out!
I’m going to include a list of cards I’m missing, so that if anyone has them and are missing cards, feel free to DM me on twitter!


Cards I’m missing:

201 Rover
203 Tom Nook
204 Pelly

209 Wendell
211 Grams
216 Franklin
217 Jingle
221 Kody
222 Miranda
225 Ken
241 Hans
248 Hazel
250 Ava
256 Diva
257 Klaus
259 Stinky
263 Gaston
265 Gala
266 Joey
267 Pippy
268 Buck
275 Hamlet
276 Astrid
277 Monty
282 Violet
284 Chadder
288 Curly
290 Caroline
293 Rolf
298 Derwin

381 Gloria

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