Adding games?

Lately I’ve expressed more and more how I’d like to play different games on stream.

I’ve tried the idea earlier where I only had ONE game I played on stream for a while, but it didn’t properly work out how I wanted to.

There’s so many games in my backlog, I’d love to try to play more and experience more types of games.

I’ve been really scared that people wouldn’t want to come to stream simply because I’m playing a different game.
I know a lot of people come for the game and usually prefer to stick around just for the game, but I’m also hoping that a lot of you will still stick around and hang out with me if I try different games.

Just because I try a different game, doesn’t mean I don’t want to work and strive to have a positive stream with good vibes and where people can feel welcome.

I just feel like playing the same game on stream all day, every day will burn me out and the stream will feel forced and not as positive as usual.

Even though I LOVE Animal Crossing, it’s nice with some breaks from time to time, you know?

That said, I do want to finally sit down and take the time to set up my Elgato, learn to understand it, so I can play other console games.

So in the future, you guys may see the following games on stream;

Alice:Madness Returns
Crash Bandicoot N-sane Trilogy
Spyro the Dragon
Super Mario Odyssey
Legend of Zelda
The Forest
Mario Kart
Super Mario Sunshine
Kingdom Hearts
Stardew Valley


There are a lot more games in my list, but I wanted to name a few, just to show a few different genres of games that I’d like to try out on stream.

I also want to play other games where I can do multiplayer, such as Mario Kart, Staxel and Minecraft(and eventually Stardew Valley).


I am still open for suggestions and your thoughts on the stream.

Are you coming to stream for Animal Crossing only, are you coming because of the community? What made you come to stream and how do you feel about watching other games?

One thought on “Adding games?

  1. autumnaurelia says:

    Hey, Noot!

    I know I only met you the other day, but I wanted to tell you that I will come hang out in your stream when I can, regardless of what you stream. I can’t speak for everyone, but I would visit a person’s stream to chill with them over the game any day. The person and their personality is more important for me.

    I love the list of games you do have though. Out of those, I’m most interested in seeing you play Journey, Pokemon and Stardew Valley. 😉

    You’ve got this!

    With love,



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