My music, dec.4-10, 2017

So this week’s list has some changes, although it’s mostly “old” songs that I used to listen to a whole lot before, that I checked again. I’ve been sleeping a whole lot this past week, because I’ve been sick(still not at 100%, but feeling a lot better now), and I’ve been completely drained because of the sickness.
Anyway, here’s the list!


1. Fake Static Noise – Fall (Feat. Laurie Webb)
I’m going to start this week’s list of with a calm song, because this is probably the most calm song I’ve listened to this past week. This is the song that made me get the game Journey, and I’m so happy I did. The game is amazing, just like this song.

2. Billy Talent – Red Flag
I used to listen to this sooooo much during my early teen years. I still really enjoy it though haha! It also played a lot when I played SSX On Tour,  since it’s one of the OST tracks in the game!

3. Linkin Park – Faint
Another one of my favourites from Linkin Park, and I’ve listened to a whole lot of Linkin Park this past week, so I had to add another song from them!

4. Marilyn Manson – mOBSCENE
I was a biiiiiiiiiiiiiig fan of Marilyn Manson when I was younger. I still am, but not as hardcore anymore. I tend to go back to listening to his music a whole lot from time to time.

5. Sum 41 – Over My Head
I didn’t really listen to that many of Sum 41’s songs when I was younger, but this one was in my playlists ALL the time. Me and my past bestfriend would sing it aaaaaall the time at school haha.


This week has a bit heavier music, but it’s a little glimpse into my childhood and teenage years haha. I still do go back to a lot of the music I listened to back then from time to time, because of the memories, but also because I still really enjoy the music.

animal crossing · stream

Taking a break

So lately I’ve started to feel a little bit burned out in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.
Who would’ve thought that? I still love the game, but I want to take a break.

So I’ll be playing other games, probably mostly Stardew, because I’m absolutely obsessed with that, but it doesn’t mean I won’t be playing Animal Crossing from time to time.

Up until December 24th, I’ll still be having a calendar giveaway every day, and I also plan on having the wish list come true for you all in ACNL still, so there’s still that!

I hope you guys will still stick around to the stream, as I plan on setting up the elgato and play more games.


My music, nov.27-dec.3, 2017

Merry Christmas! Now that December has started, I think it’s totally allowed to say that.

Anyway, here’s a list of 5 songs I’ve listened to the last week(I’m sorry it’s mostly repeats from previous weeks, I haven’t explored new music really!);


1. BTS – dimple
I don’t know how many times I’ve played this song. It’s on my Autumn chill list, it’s in my most played playlist, it’s.., well, I love it. It’s only the vocalists in BTS singing this.


2. Röyksopp – Poor Leno
This song reminds me of the days I played SSX tons and tons.., I love Röyksopp’s older music, but this is the only one in my current playlist, and it has played a lot this past week.


3. Red Velvet – Peek-A-Boo
I am simply in love with melody in this. Plus the dance looks super fun, so I’ll probably end up learning most of it, haha.


4. Camila Cabello, Daddy Yankee – Havana(Remix)
Still loving this too. I don’t know what else to say, haha. It’s fun to jam to, it’s sexy, it’s great.


5. Linkin Park – One Step Closer
I have a list on spotify called Nostalgia, in which most of the music I listened to when I was a teen is located. I figured I’d listen to the list earlier this week and this song got stuck. One of my sisters used to call it her “angry song”, which has totally stuck to me, but personally I never used it as an angry song myself. I just really liked, and still do, Linkin Park.


Even though there was barely anything new on the list this week, I hope you enjoy the songs!


My music, nov.20-26, 2017

Noot noot!
I hope you enjoy this week’s list! I don’t feel like I’ve listened to a whole lot of different songs this week, as I’ve mostly had stream music going on all week.

Anyway, let’s get into the list!;


1. Block B – Shall We Dance
I originally didn’t care much about this song, I thought it was a little weird, but I’ve found myself listening to it a lot more, and the melody is stuck on my mind now.


2. Red Velvet – Peek-a-boo
I feel like this is quite different compared to what Red Velvet has done before, it’s dark, but still upbeat, and I really enjoy the melody in this too.


3. Savatage – Christmas Eve(Sarajevo 12/24)
My sister used to play this a whole lot when I was younger and I’ve always loved it.
I recently found it again on Spotify, and I’ve been listening to it a whooooole lot.
Plus it’s the melody of my favourite Christmas song.


4. Camila Cabello, Pitbull & J Balvin – Hey Ma
The few times I’ve been out driving this week, this one has started almost every time, which has resulted in me playing it a whole lot more when I’ve been home too.
I prefer the spanish version, as it has more Oomph than the english version!


5. Linkin Park – Somewhere I belong
I’ve found myself listening to this song a lot the past week. It’s my favourite song from Linkin Park and I have no idea how much I’ve listened to up it throughout the years. I love it.



I hope you liked this weeks songs! They’re a nice mix of different genres and styles, I think!


My music, nov.12-19th, 2017

This week has gone by really fast, I can barely remember what happened.
I know I’ve been streaming every day this week, which is super exciting! Being a daily streamer is hard, but it’s so much fun still!

Anyway, here’s some of the music I’ve listened to off stream this past week;


1 C.Jamm, Reddy – Most Wanted
I randomly found this again in one of my playlists, and now all I can think of is
vegetable soup, because in the start, it kind of sounds like they’re saying vegetable
soup, haha!

2 Camila Cabello – Havana(remix, ft. Daddy Yankee)
THIS MELODY THOUGH! I love spanish songs, and this is awesome.
I prefer the remix version over the original version personally!

3 Jason Derulo – Pull-Up
I typically don’t really listen to the lyrics in Jason Derulo’s songs, but I really enjoy the
rhythm and melodies, and this one is super fun!

4 Dillon Francis, DJ Snake – Get Low
This is one of the songs in the Fast&Furious 7 soundtrack and I love it.
I’m a big fan of the F&F movies and also the soundtracks. They have a way of finding
the perfect songs for the movies, plus the songs always makes me want to dance haha.

5 BTS – Cypher 4
I like most of BTS’ songs, as you’ve probably noticed by now haha.
I enjoy listening to their cyphers, hearing the rappers improve, and I think each and
every cypher is getting better and better!


This week’s songs aren’t as calm as some from the previous weeks, but I hope you’re all okay with that. I do enjoy a lot of different types of music, so I’m having fun sharing it with you all!


My music, nov.6-11, 2017

Another week has gone by, and it’s gone soooo fast!
I’ve been streaming a LOT this week, which has been great, but I haven’t really heard much different music honestly. Here’s a list anywhoooo;


1. BTS – Go Go
I still love BTS’ new album, and I’m working on learning the choreography for Go Go, so it’s played a LOT this week!

2. Twice – Likey
Second week I have this in my list, I’m just really liking it. It’s super catchy and it makes you happy.

3. Astro – Crazy Sexy Cool
I’ll be honest, I don’t think this is the best song out there. There’s a lot of other songs that are WAY better, but this has been really chill and it’s played a lot while I’ve been working on other stuff.

4. Super Junior – Black Suit
Super Junior’s new song is awesome, I’m totally hooked! I think it’s probably one of the better songs they have, honestly!

5. Vexento – Pixel Party
I have this in my Gamer list on Spotify, but I haven’t listened to the playlist for a long time, but earlier in the week, this one was the first to play, and I was hooked again. It’s such a fun song, and a lot more upbeat and “noisy” compared to other songs I tend to listen to nowadays!


I’m looking forward to another week of music, and I hope you are too!
Also, I realised this week is completely full of Kpop songs haha, oops!


My Music, oct.23-nov.5, 2017

So I totally forgot to post a music recommendations post last week, oops!
I’m really sorry, and I promise to do better! So to make up for it, here’s 10 song recommendations for the two last two weeks!


  1. Zion.T – Knock
    This song was on the Korean rapper show, Show Me the Money season 5, and at first I didn’t think much about it, honestly. It leads up to another song, Machine Gun, which I was more impressed with, but when I watch it again now, I’m impressed over both. Zion.T is awesome, Knock is a great song.
    EDIT: I couldn’t find a proper source video of just Knock, so have both Knock and Machine Gun in one. YOU’RE WELCOME!
  2. Twice – Likey
    I was kind of unsure about this song before I heard it, because I didn’t really listen much to the newer Twice songs, but I’m totally hooked on Likey.
  3. BTS – Autumn Leaves
    I listen to a LOT of BTS, let me just admit that already. If I don’t post a BTS song in my recommendations each week, it’s not because I don’t listen to them. They’re always in my playlists haha. I’m really addicted to Autumn Leaves right now though.
  4. Owl City – Meteor Shower
    I’ve been listening to Owl City since pretty much the first EP, Of June, way back in…, 2007? I used to listen to Owl City every time I’d travel from school to the airport to go back home to visit my family during holidays and when me and my friends at school would go anywhere. Owl City’s music has been my travel music for ages, Adam Young’s music makes me happy and relaxed and calms me down every time I listen to any of the songs. I have a T-shirt somewhere in the house with a quote from Meteor Shower, and it’s one of my absolute favourite songs from Owl City.
  5. Perfume – Night Flight
    I’m obviously going back to music I listened to years and years ago! I first started listening to Perfume in…, 2005/2006. Way back in the start, haha. They’ve come such a long way, I still keep coming back for more songs. Night Flight isn’t a new song of theirs, but I love it. I love dancing to it too, I learned a lot of their dances way back haha.
  6. Madeon – Finale
    I hadn’t listened to this for so long, and it randomly played when I was listening to music on Spotify, and I had to listen to it lots of times in a row, because it’s awesome?
  7. Jason Derulo – Get Ugly
    This is one of my favourite dances to dance on Just Dance. It’s probably the song I’ve danced the most haha. Funny enough, I didn’t know it until I watched Produce 101 season 2 earlier this year. I didn’t know it was on Just Dance, until I saw a streamer dance it!
  8. Clean Bandit – Stronger
    I’ve been starting to listen to a lot more songs I’ve used to dance to lately. I’m getting in a proper dancing mood and I. LOVE. IT. I love dancing! This song is so much fun to dance to!
  9. Kiiara – Gold
    This is another song I LOVE dancing to. I was totally in love with the song the first time I heard it too. It’s such a good song for both strong, but soft dancing!
  10. Snow – Informer
    Totally going back to my childhood now haha. I used to listen to this growing up, a LOT. It’s one of the first songs I learned the lyrics to? Which is silly, because I’m not able to sing/rap it anymore. It’s to fast for me now!


I’m sorry again for not posting one of these last week, but I hope you’ll have fun checking this list. It’s a nice mix, if you ask me haha.