The Sims 4 Challenge

Welcome to Noot’s Pimp-My-House Challenge!

This challenge is all about decorating and landscaping!

I’ve built a house that I want YOU to decorate, and landscape around it.

So before you start the challenge, you’ll have to download the house, which you can find by searching for “Nootland”(my ID on the EA community) in the gallery!


HOWEVER, there are a few things to keep in mind if you’re planning on trying this challenge;

– Unlimited budget (go crazy!)


– You are allowed to use anything from any gamepack and stuff pack.

– Feel free to use bb.moveobjects and bb.showhiddenobjects!

– You are allowed to re-colour everything both inside and outside on the house and the gazebo.

– You can switch out doors and windows, as long as the new ones are the same size as the pre-built doors/windows(for example; the prebuilt front door is 3 spaces wide, if you want a different looking door, it also has to take up 3 spaces).

– You are not allowed to move anything that is already on the lot. Everything already built on the lot has to stay in the place it is when you download it.

– The house and the gazebo has to stay where they are, you are not allowed to move them, or edit the sizes of any rooms or walls in them. NO adding or removing any walls.

– As for landscaping – go totally crazy. Adding fences do not count as adding walls, so this is totally allowed.

– Although I want you to go crazy with the interior, exterior and landscaping, you have to make it useable.

– You can decide yourself whether it’s for a single sim, a couple or a bigger family.


When you’re done, upload it to the gallery and add #pimpmynoot !


The challenge ends March 18th at 7PM CET time.
It’s not a whole lot of time, but go all out and do your best! Good luck!

I look forward to seeing what you guys make out of it!


PS! If there’s anything that is unclear, or if there’s anything you’re wondering about, feel free to pop on over to my twitter, discord or stream and ask me – I’ll be more than happy to answer any questions!